VW Club of Hawaii

VW Club of Hawaii

Howzits to all the brahs & wahines from one of the newer members! As some of you may recall, Auntie Rell Sunn used to drive an old VW beetle back & forth between Honolulu and Makaha, back when she was providing the daily surf report from 'Rell's Hotel' in Makaha in the late 80s. It had no reverse gear, so she relied upon her many holalohas & extended 'ohana to help muscle the recaclitrant bug onto the right course to get it going again.

I have no doubt that that wonderful old bug had much mana, being Rell's (& daughter Jan's) personal vehicle, and I would really like to find out what its final disposition was? Does anyone (mebbe Buffalo's 'ohana, up there in Makaha) know anything about what happened to it? Is it still in use or was it ultimately trashed out (sad to eben tink, eh!).

Please add a few lines here if you know anything about it, eh? Also, if anyone has images taken of it, please feel free to share them! I've contacted Jan, on the mainland, and she says she has many pictures, but as you can imagine, most all stored away in boxes and likely hard to get to. Jan's very busy with their present affairs (and also with the Rell Sunn Memorial Foundation), so the kokua from any of you would be mos appreciated!

Hui & mahalos, Kalikiano

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